ryan (ryactor) wrote,

scolding hot / so raw

everytime someone i have a personal connection with dies, i flash back to that night in januaray of 2000.

i always have.
i always will.

death's a bitch. i wrote about that as my first college in-class writing assignement. i wrote about dad's funeral. funny how the word "fun" is in "funeral".

mom's pushing me to go to the wake and/or funeral. the first funeral service i went to was my dad's. the first wake i went to was aunt syliva's. i dont remember her. at all. but i went to her wake and it was so cold in the room. i felt as though i was the corpse. i don't particularly want to go visit casey at the funeral home. mom keeps reminding me that "i can help him the most. i know what he's going through." no two peple have the same stories or feelings toward death. i think that if i don't go to the funeral home, it'll be better for him. i'm going to leave him a card on his door. i think that's going to be the easiest/best thing for me.

it really depends on what time the wake is.

marcia was one of the drama mamas. and that's how i want to remember her. her pleasant glow and positive outlook made everyday better. and she came to everyone of casey's shows. every single show.
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